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Subject Virtual hosts and identical context paths in Tomcat4b3. Bug??
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 17:38:46 GMT


I have specified two virtual hosts in my server.xml. In both hosts I have
specified a context with the same path, ie

<Host name="host1">
  <Context path="samepath" docBase="docbase1"></Context>

<Host name="host2" debug="0">
  <Context path="samepath" docBase="docbase2"></Context>

In the log for host2 I get the message:

StandardContext[]: Error initializing naming context for context samepath

and the context on host2 is not working. However if I comment out the context in
host1 the context in host2 does work.

I have found two messages mentioning the same problem but no solution sofar. Is
this a bug??

I am using Tomcat4b3 on RH Linux 7.0


Wilko Hische

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