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From "Heijns, P.J.B." <>
Subject Tomcat hanging
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 10:12:27 GMT

I have some problems with tomcat. Sometimes when I am using tomcat, and a
some other users, tomcat hangs. Very strange. Some jsp pages are oke after
the crash, but some not, I don't know when en why it crashes. But when it
crashes, it are always the same pages that are oke and not oke. When I want
to request a page (bad page) after the crash, it is searching for the page,
but he doesn't let see the page to me (the browser says website found
waiting for reply). When I reboot tomcat, everythins is
oke. The time between rebooting and crashing is different, sometimes after 1
hour but sometimes after 6 hours. I use a lot of heavy jsp pages, such as a
upload servlet, big search results pages. I am using tomcat 3.2.2, interbase
6.0, interclient 2.0, windows2000.
It seems that it is a internal tomcat error, does anybody know what's the
problem and how I can solve it?

Grtz Pieter

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