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From "Kairam, Raj" <>
Subject Web Application problems using Tomcat
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 20:20:32 GMT
I was able to build Tomcat (3.2.1) on a HP-UX ( hostname m020cad1 )box which
I can start it with
and can stop it with

On the same machine, I also run apache webserver (1.3.12) and Netscape

In the browser, if I enter http://m020cad1/
I see my index.html in the /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html displayed.

If I enter http://localhost/
I see a page titled "Configuring Web Browsers and Connecting to the
Firewall" displayed.

If I enter http://localhost:8080/
I see the above page displayed.

In the /opt/build/tomcat/webapps directory, I have a simple hello1.jsp file.
If I enter http://localhost:8080/hello1.jsp   ( an example I found in
O'Reilly's JavaServer Pages book )
I get the following error
"Not Found
 The requested URI http://localhost:8080/hello1.jsp could not be found.
Check spelling and try again"

When I enter http://localhost:8080/examples/HelloWorldExample  ( a sample
that comes with tomcat )
I get a similar "Not Found" error

I followed an example application described February 2001 issue of JavaWorld
by Steven Gould
"Servlet in Apache Tomcat and BEA Systems WebLogic Server" and tried it.
I get a similar error.

Can somebody please help me understand what I might be doing wrong when I
use "localhost" for the URL in the browser. The apache webserver otherwise
works well and I only want to see Tomcat working to be able to develop
servlets and JSPs.


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