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From "Gerteis, Roman" <>
Subject wired CLASSPATH behaviour
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 09:30:55 GMT
Hay there,

when I was deploying a application on Tomcat 3.2.1 we had some really wired
Problems with CLASSPATH issues.

First of all this is the environment:
* apache 1.3.14
* tomcat 3.2.1
on Redhat 6.2
JVM 1.3 (Sun distribution)

ok. So we were putting JDBC Drivers of IBM ( on various places
where we should be able to put them.

1. we put it into the $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/ to be include for whole tomcat. (did
not work)
2. we put it into the CLASSPATH environment inside the
$TOMCAT_HOME/ script (did not work)
3. we put it into $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/our_app/WEB-INF/lib/ (did not work)
4. we unpacked the zip file and put the package tree under
$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/our_app/WEB-INF/classes/ --> YUHEE, it worked.

the depressing part of it was, that and the _right_ Path to it
was shown in the CLASSPATH variable on every of the setups
(System.out.println, or shellscript ECHO). But the JDBC Driver Manager
dumped no suitable driver found.

It took me quite a lot of time to make the application run, cause there was
no reason for the failure (If you have a package in your classpath, then you
would suggest that it is loaded, right?).

Anyways. The whole adventure brings me to the conclusion that either the
CLASSPATH environment of Sun JDK 1.3 for Linux is not working properly or ..
the dynamic loading of packages of TomCat is not fully reliable (which I
honestly do not believe).

Does anyone had similar Problems, and can someone give me a tip for where to
put JDBC Driver packages inside a Webapp? (WEB-INF/lib/ I thought, but....)

thx. and regards

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