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From Christopher Kirk <>
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 10:15:11 GMT
>From my experience there are 2 things that are worth checking.
1) Make sure that the database has an instance named orcl in the TNA lookup
(test the connection using Oracle tools, Net8 assistent will do).
2) If you are using 8i, then make sure that orcl is not a Service Name..
people often get SIDs and Service Names confused.
- Chris.
(Also, does 'myhost' actually exist.. or did you just change that when you
posted it so we didn't know your machine name?)

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From: Lim SiewLing []
Sent: 02 May 2001 11:07
Subject: RE: TOMCAT and ORACLE

The connection string that I used is as follow:


Connection connection =

where: myhost  is the PC Name where the oracle database is resided


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>Subject: RE: TOMCAT and ORACLE 
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>Hi Lim 
>It would help to see the connection string you're using ... 
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>From: Lim SiewLing 
>Sent: 5/1/01 2:22 PM 
>Subject: TOMCAT and ORACLE 
>I'm currently engaged on a school project which uses Tomcat3.2.1, ORACLE 
>and Java to develop an intranet application. 
>My program run smoothly when retrieving data in Access database but the 
>data could not be retrieve using ORACLE. The error message that I get is 
>"The Network adapter could not establish a connection". 
>Could anyone please help me by telling me what is the problems of 
>connecting the Tomcat to the ORACLE? I had start the listener and the 
>ORACLE database but still got the same error. 
>Do I need to configure the server.xml or web.xml file? Please help 
>me....Your help will be very much appreciated. 
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