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From Oki DZ <>
Subject Re: JDBC Realm is gone
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 04:02:13 GMT
"Peter B. West" wrote:
> Note that the references to `Digest' with a capital `D' in server.xml
> and the JDBCRealm class must be `digest' with a lower-case `d'.  The
> usage of the public class (in 3.3 at least) is

I have tried it, still no login.

> java -a MD5 passwd1 [passwd2
> ...]

It seems that the feature has been removed in 4.0b4. It's a non-issue
though; I can digest the password using "md5sum" on my machine.

BTW, my test password was generated using md5sum; ie: I had a file
containing the pasword (cat > test.pwd; 12345<ctrl-d><ctrld>; makes me
wonder why it should be twice) and ran it through the md5sum (md5sum <
test.pwd). Then, I put it on the database. I already have a password
database setup for James using MD5; so that I'd like to use it for
Tomcat too.

> The `MD5' may be replaced by another supported algorithm (only MD2 or
> SHA, I think), and you may provide one or more plaintext passwords to be
> digested.

MD2? Would that mean going back through time?
Besides, there's no md2sum on my machine. Ouch.


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