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From Ben Ricker <>
Subject Re: Developing on a different platform from production
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 18:47:14 GMT
It depends on what you mean by 'test'. If you are doing load testing, 
then obviously this will not do as the platform and OS can dictate 
performance. Also, there are differing problems in the jdks based on 
platform: Sun jdk w/Hotspot has had some problems lately which do not 
crop up on the other jdks (Sun's jdk is usually ahead of Linux's, or so 
I have noticed. 1.3 was in beta well after 1.3 was released for Sun).

However, if you are just talking about functional testing, I think going 
to a Linux box is Ok.

Btw, have you seen the new Netra series of Sun boxes? They are damn 
cheap and may be an alternative to Linux. I myself suport a web app that 
runs on Linux is production but will move to a Linux/Sun load balanced 
solution soon.

Ben Ricker
System Administrator

Penberthy, Bill wrote:

> Generally, we try to to develop and test on the same platforms (Solaris)
> that we will be deploying on - but I am curious as to whether that is really
> necessary.  Has anyone ran into issues of developing and testing on one
> platform and deploying on another?  I would like to put some Linux machines
> out there (a bit cheaper...) for development and testing - but am wondering
> if this could cause problems as we deploy onto the Sunboxes.  Your thoughts,
> experiences, and comments would be welcome.
> Thanks!
> Bill Penberthy
> Sr. Functional Architect
> IQNavigator

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