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From Steve Ruby <>
Subject Re: Why does Internet Explorer think it is offline?
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 15:55:19 GMT
"RODGERS,RICK (HP-Cupertino,ex3)" wrote:
> I am using tomcat with IE and am having problems with it.
> Every time I start IE and try and access a Java Server Page or
> servlet through "lolcalhost:8080/examples/jsp" the browser first complains
> that the system is not connected to a network. I then click on
> "try again" and the browser then seems to find the JSPand display it.
> Is there a special setting for tomcat if the system is connected to a
> hub?
> Any thoughts?
> Rick

Somes times windows dont' know who localhost is.

Try this:
go to a command window, and "ping localhost"  if you get host unknown
or some other error other than 4 ping responses then you should
edit your hosts file to include a line like

ALSO: If you put a port number in there IE requires a protocol.
so you can do


but if you do localhost:8080/blah/blah you need

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