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From Samuzeau Pascal <>
Subject Re: Why Use apache
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 10:35:35 GMT
Hi Peter

I'm reading what you're speaking about.

Can you tell me moer about it.

In fact I have Apache running on my server, and I have installed Tomcat,
with jserv_mod.
Only to work with Cocoon.

But the problem is that I haven't yet obtain any result.

I think I have a bad installation of my configuration Tomcat.

Can you telle me what I have to done ?

By example :

I have a directory named : /usr/local/samuzeau, where I have let my xml

So How to configure my tomcat.conf, server.xml and web.xml

Thank you

Peter Mutsaers wrote:

> W.r.t. static content: suppose you have a lot of static content and
> thus decide to run Apache next to Tomcat, then I wonder: why use the
> plugin?
> The plugin itself may be a bottleneck if not configured properbly, and
> may also be a source of bugs in itself.
> I would propose to run Apache on port 80, then run Tomcat stand-alone
> for dynamic content parallel on some other port (such as 8080).
> Static pages on Apache can give a link to tomcat, and tomcat gererated
> HTML documents can include static content such as images with an
> absolute URL pointing to the Apache server.
> It may also be more efficient, since dynamic content is returned to
> the client directly, and not via an extra rerouting through Apache.
> Just a thought for those that want to avoid the plugin.
> --
> Peter Mutsaers  |  Dübendorf    | UNIX - Live free or die
>      |  Switzerland  | Sent via FreeBSD 4.3-stable

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