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From Winfried Klum <>
Subject Re: Connection Pooling with different databases problems
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 10:06:18 GMT
First try to upgrade to poolman2.0 and use the Datasource Access method.
I have tested only the 2.0 release.
Here's how to get a connection,
code (sample from original doc) looks like this:

// Get a Connection
DataSource ds = PoolMan.findDataSource("JNDINameOfMyPool");
Connection con = null;
con = ds.getConnection();
// ... etc. ...

This works for me.

There's actually no JNDI involved I think, the codesnippet is misleading
Getting the database Driver with class.forName, I have encountered some
access problems when using multiple web-apps in the servlet container
(also with web-apps hwo aren't using poolman at all).

Best regards,

> hi kium,
> I am using poolman1.4.1 to serve more than one database(to run with
> different servlets) with traditional JDBC methods.................does it
> mean I can solve those "general error", "access violation(0xc0000005)"
> problem by using JNDI for Driver-Access  ?
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