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From Steve Brunton <>
Subject Tomcat Performance..
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 20:46:38 GMT
  Just curious if anyone out there has benchmarked all the different
versions of Tomcat that are available to find the one that performs the
best. I've just got a little servlet working that does some various
things and talks to Oracle using the JDBC Thin driver to build some
dynamic content. The servlet works fine and everything is groovy. 
  Running Tomcat 3.3M2 with Apache 1.3.19 using and the apj13
setup on a HP LPR with 2 500 Mhz PIII's and Solaris 8 x86 with all the
latest and greatest patches on it (Tomcat/Apache/ built
natively on the box) I get around 4.93 requests per second with 10
concurrent connections making around 1000 requests. The apache processes
don't get all that busy and neither does the Java process, but the box
is sitting at 40% IOWait as it chugs along.
  Over on a Sun Ultra 60 (2x360 Mhz CPU's) running Solaris 2.6 with the
iPlanet 4.1SP6 webserver I can process about 34 requests per second with
the same servlet and request metrics. 
  Is the 3.3 path the wrong one to take? should I be working with the
3.2 stuff? 

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