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From Steve Ruby <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT and ORACLE
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 19:42:08 GMT

Are you using the JDBCRealm stuff or just using Oracle via JDBC from your servlets?
If the later is true then you don't need to do anything special in web.xml or server.xml.

Just make sure that your oracle jdbc driver is somewhere Tomcat will see it
(in your <mywebapp>/WEB-INF/lib or in the tomcat lib directory).  And make sure you
are specifying
the correct class when you load the JDBC driver.  JDBC accesss doesn't have much to do with
Tomcat itself other than the classpath for the driver.

Lim SiewLing wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently engaged on a school project which uses Tomcat3.2.1, ORACLE and Java to
develop an intranet application.
> My program run smoothly when retrieving data in Access database but the data could not
be retrieve using ORACLE. The error
> message that I get is "The Network adapter could not establish a connection".
> Could anyone please help me by telling me what is the problems of connecting the Tomcat
to the ORACLE? I had start the
> listener and the ORACLE database but still got the same error.
> Do I need to configure the server.xml or web.xml file? Please help me....Your help will
be very much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Josephine
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