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From GCS <>
Subject Re: Help getting beans working
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 19:30:00 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

* Uronis, Jeremy <> [010501 21:08]:

> Thanks for the reply Matt.
> I placed my bean in "c:\tomcat\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\classes"
> and the error i get is:
 Please do not resend the unnecessary lines again, it is a bit annoying,
and waste of bandwith + disk space.

> Error: 500
> Location: /examples/jsp/test/bean1.jsp
> Internal Servlet Error:
 Your problem is, that you do not use the $CLASSPATH precisely. It does
not matter where you place the bean, until the following rules are meet:
1. the last directory (or directories) are the same as your "package"
line defines.
2. the "top" dir (without the extra ones because the package) is in your

So, create a dir "". For example under c:\beans\example as rayexample.
Place your bean there. So you will have a file as:
c:\beans\example\rayexample\bean1.class Then do "set CLASSPATH
$CLASSPATH;c:\beans\example" (without the quotes please). Then, it
should work for you. The only problem that I am not sure if it is a
correct way to set the classpath under dos. I use Unix only for a very
long time now...


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