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From Roberts Huw <>
Subject Problem with session tracking. Please help
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 10:20:37 GMT
Hi All,

We're having a problem with session tracking.
We are using tomcat pretty much "out of the box", without integrating
with apache or anything like that.
We are attaching an attribute to the session which we want (reasonably
enough) to be "per session".
We are then sending requests for information to tomcat from several
different client machines (sometimes logged on as the same user, sometimes
as different users, sometimes using Netscape, sometimes using IE).  All
machines are running Windows NT4.0.

What we are finding is that the Session objects are being indiscriminately
associated with the servlets.  We are getting the right number of
session attributes created, but when we refresh the page we find that
the new request is associated with the wrong session.

Help?  Is there anything obvious we are missing?  Is there a document on
how the session management works in tomcat?

We are using tomcat-3_3-m1

Thanks a lot,

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