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From "JFC" <>
Subject Re: ODBC-JDBC ** with JSP ** : 'No suitable driver'
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 07:29:02 GMT
Hi ~

I'm back, with an answer to my problem !

But first of all, thank you a lot to all who helped me. Nice to see such a 
quick knowledge-network.

The problem ?
Wasn't in JDBC classes, nor in lib paths. I even removed all 
copied '' (or 'classes12.jar' or anything) from everywhere 
except from the Oracle native directory, and it works.
Sowhat ?
Well it was about ODBC  (just smile, ok)
The database was only configured as local-user ODBC-available, instead of 
system (=>services => tomcat) ODBC-available.
As soon as I add the test database in ODBC configuration panel's *system* 
tab, the 'getConnection(String, String, String)' method call suceeded.

I thought it could though be an hint for anyone else..


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