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From "Connie Chan" <>
Subject Need help on servlet-mapping
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 22:38:05 GMT

My application is running on Apache with Tomcat 3.2.1.  I want to set
servlet mapping for HTTPS protocol.  When a user specifies, the servlet
myapps.FileSearchServlet gets invoked and handle the request.  What I
did is to specify the servlet mapping in the web.xml (which located
under myapps\Web-inf) and specify "JkMount /io/* ajp12" in httpd.conf
for apache server.  The https is set up as a virtual host using port 443
and ssl module supported by apache.  When I test the program, it looks
like that the apache redirects the request to tomcat.  But the tomcat
displays an error that the file is not found.

I tried the web.xml in another computer running tomcat only without
https (i.e.  It works.  Tomcat
can recognized the url pattern and invoke the servlet.  Does anyone know
if the web.xml is recognized by the virtual host?  Or, I did something
wrong?  And does anyone know how to fix it?  

Here is the portion of the web.xml:



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