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From Benoit Jacquemont <>
Subject Re: Developing on a different platform from production
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 16:32:13 GMT
Hi Bill,

We are developping on MS Windows 2000 boxes (as a lot of people I think), and 
we deploy our apps on Linux servers (again, as a lot of people... ;-) ).

We never had any problems, but we always compile the source code on a 
development machine running exactly the same environment as the server. 
Anyway, we used to compile on Windows and deploy on Linux, and we never had 
any problem of incompatibility. Now our compilation of the source code on the 
same OS is just a consequence of a quality plan.

> Generally, we try to to develop and test on the same platforms (Solaris)
> that we will be deploying on - but I am curious as to whether that is
> really necessary.  Has anyone ran into issues of developing and testing on
> one platform and deploying on another?  I would like to put some Linux
> machines out there (a bit cheaper...) for development and testing - but am
> wondering if this could cause problems as we deploy onto the Sunboxes. 
> Your thoughts, experiences, and comments would be welcome.
> Thanks!
> Bill Penberthy
> Sr. Functional Architect
> IQNavigator

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