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Subject Re: performance problem - too many processes
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 14:12:21 GMT
Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your advise, we will make these change now, but I want to ask
some question and answer your questions first.

> You can try the following things to make tomcat faster.
> 1) keep the log level low.

in server.xml file of tomcat or httpd.conf? do you mean "error" parameter
for low logging?

> 2) Set reloadable=false(Disable Servlet Auto-Reloading ) As it is very
> expensive.

do you mean the following parameter from server.xml

        <Context path="/"
                 reloadable="true" >

> 3) Configure PoolTcpConnector depending on the number of
> should help a lot).

First, We are a brokerage firm and approximately 1000 different customers
use our internet branch, and I guess 100 user at most use the web branche
simultaneously. what do you think about parameters for Pooling?
(max_threads, mx_spare_servers, min_spare_servers).

But now, the system has too many processes, when I look at with top or ps

> Can u tell how much RAM or perecntage of RAM are tomcat's processess using

I do not know, how can I see?

> 4) Give more RAM to tomcat.(if i am right the default setting is for
> So even though you would be having 256 MB RAM but then u might not be
> it optimally.

I do not know how to make this change. But Now system runs under heavy
memory load now, I mean that the system uses some swap memory when the
server has heavy load (when it has about 400 processes, it has 3-5M free
memory, and uses 5-6M swap memory).

> Even i had similar problems, and tomcat's performance had improoved a lot
> after working on the
> above mentioned points.

this is very critical for us, if you help me it is very appreciated.

Thanks a lot again, and I am waiting for your reply.

Deniz Demir.

> HTH,
> Shuklix
> -----Original Message-----
> From: DENIZ DEMIR []
> Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 6:31 PM
> To:
> Subject: performance problem - too many processes
> Hi,
> I have setup a web server with following configuration:
>     - Redhat 7.0 - Kernel 2.2.16-22, PIII 650, 256M Ram
>     - Tomcat 3.2.1
>     - Apache 1.3.19
>     - mod_jk
>     - Inprise Application server for EJBs
> and the server has two SSL acceleration cards, and mod-ssl module for
> apache.
> I have configured the apache to use mod_jk and Ajp13 protocol, and I have
> left the default parameters for PoolTcpConnector.
> and the http.conf has the following parameters:
>     MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
>     MinSpareServers 16
>     MaxSpareServers 64
>     StartServers 20
>     MaxClients 250
>     MaxRequestPerChild 100000
> When I make the server up, I see there are 100+ processes initially
> ~130), and in the load intervals it has near 400 process, why it has too
> many processes? is there any idea?
> Our old system has Apache JServ for JSP/Servlet and it runs much more
> efficient than tomcat, and much less processes were avaliable in the
> at that time.
> Response time of server was decreased very much. can anybody say me what
> reasons of this situation is, or where I am wrong, what I should do?
> I am waiting for your comments and ideas and solutions if any.
> Regards,
> Deniz Demir.

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