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From <>
Subject tomcat and security manager
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 08:11:41 GMT
i have an application in servlet and jsp
in directory format 
in /myapp

i have put  the /myapp in  c:\sites\myapp

i have created a host int server.xml file like

<Host name="" >
           <Context path=""
                    docBase="c:\sites\myapp" />
now i start the tomcat in secure mode by giving 

startup.bat  -security

now i request in browser 

it gives error like access denied ( C:\sites\myapp\web-inf\classes

i add lines in tomcat.policy

grant codeBase "file:C:\sites\myapp\-" {
  permission "*", "read";

still geting same error 

any idea????

please help me

thanks in advance

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