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From "Stan Devitt" <>
Subject Re: xalan ApplyXSL sample servlet fails
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 15:29:58 GMT
I got it (or rather, DefaultApplyXSLT) to work.  The resolution was:

        1.  Use xalan-j_2_0_0, and the servlet example
        from there which uses ApplyXSLT 

        2.  Clean up my careless classpath usage of jar files leading
        instead with xalan.jar and xerces.jar from the xalan2_0_0

        3.  Be sure to get the right path to the servlet as the
        new servlet example is now in a "servlet" package instead of 
        the top level of the context.)

        (I am now using tomcat 3.2.1, together with jdk1.3.1,
xerces 1.2.3 and xalan 2.0.0 on Windows 2000.)



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From: "Chris McNeilly" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 8:46 AM
Subject: RE: xalan ApplyXSL sample servlet fails

> Funny you should ask.  I had (possibly) a very similar problem last
> week.  After combing through maillists etc, I found a reference
> suggesting that there was a conflict with the xerces xml parser and the
> xml parser included with tomcat.  It suggested removing parser.jar and
> jaxp.jar from the classpath in the tomcat startup scripts (tomcat.bat
> for me).  That worked for me.  I've only been playing with it for a day
> or two, but it doesn't seem to break tomcat and now my xalan-based
> servlets function.
> Chris

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