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From "Mark Mynsted" <>
Subject Re: Two Depressed Questions
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 14:07:51 GMT
Speaking for myself I read them, I just can't help you.  I would love to know the answers if
some smarty-pants would post them.  ;-)

>>> 4/11/2001 11:11:03 PM >>>
They're depressed because apparently nobody read them when I posted previously. ;) Or maybe
nobody had the answers.  These are two questions I'm still hoping for a response on.  I'm
hoping for Craig-like knowledge, but someone else who does have the same configuration but
doesn't have the same problems would also have useful information..

1.  I have a listener registered in a web application.  This listener receives the appropriate
callbacks.  One of the methods called is: contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent event). 
The body of the method I've written there adds a few things to the ServletContext and then
starts a background thread to do some processing.  The problem is: Tomcat will not serve anything
when I include this listener.  Similarly, when I had that same code in a .jsp file, the .jsp
file never finished processing (I never got data back in the browser, as I should have). 
The .jsp file _did_ finish when I was not spawning this background thread.

2.  I set up two virtual hosts in server.xml in addition to the default host, which I left
as-shipped.  They each contain a context with a path = "".  When I access ''
I get the correct results.  When I access '' I get a 503 error.  Eliminating
either entry allows the other to work.  It appears to be a "Clash of the Contexts", where
two contexts cannot have the same name, regardless of the host in which they are nexted. 
The following log error suggests something in this area too:

2001-04-05 05:33:37 StandardContext[]: Error initializing naming context for context 
2001-04-05 05:33:37 StandardContext[]: Context startup failed due to previous errors

Any knowledge and help is appreciated.


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