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From "Mark Mynsted" <>
Subject Re: Repaint( )
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 14:17:59 GMT
Have you tried the paint method?
Each class derived from the java.awt.Component has a paint method to do what you want.  

This forum is likely not the best place to ask your question.  You may want to try Sun's forum.

>>> 4/4/2001 8:44:25 AM >>>
Hello All !!

Do anybody of you know how to repaint particular area of Applet rather than repainting an
entire applet.
First tell me is it possible to repaint particular area. 

Sorry I am asking this question in Tomcat user list
but i found this is the only way to ask this question
where lots of world class personality shares their views.

Thanks in Advance



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