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Subject Re: Tomcat install on Cobalt.
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 18:50:45 GMT

I've never installed tomcat on a cobalt server, but I'll take a crack at
your question.  You need to have the JAVA_HOME environment variable pointed
to the place you installed the jdk.  So if your jdk is in
/usr/local/jdk1.3, then your JAVA_HOME variable would equal
/usr/local/jdk1.3.  And the part about the path is just saying make sure
that the interpreter is in your path.  If you can go to a command prompt
and type java -version, or something like that, you should be fine.

A nice tutorial can be found at:

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Subject: Tomcat install on Cobalt.

> Hello,
> Sorry to post without searching, but, the search function is down.
> I am installing Tomcat for the first time and must admit that the
> instructions leave a bit to be desired.
> I'm installing on a Cobalt Raq3i.  Below is the install list out of the
> 1. Download the zip/tar.gz/whatever file from
> 2. Unzip the file into some directory (say foo). This should create a new
> subdirectory named "tomcat".
> 3. Change directory to "tomcat" and set a new environment variable
> (TOMCAT_HOME) to point to the root directory of your Tomcat hierarchy.
> On UNIX you should type:
> for bash/sh "TOMCAT_HOME=foo/tomcat ; export TOMCAT_HOME"
> for tcsh "setenv TOMCAT_HOME foo/tomcat"
> ***********    Good till here *****************
> ** Here is where I'm lost  ***
> 4. ? - Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to the root
> of your JDK hierarchy, then add the Java interpreter to your PATH
> environment variable.

So I take it noone knows how to install tomcat?


> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks
> chuck


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