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From "Ronan Derby" <>
Subject Re: 2 Critical Problems with Tomcat 3.2.x
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:20:03 GMT

I am having a similar "white screen" problem with Tomcat 3.1
on a production system. One of the JSPs works fine, there
is nothing wrong with the code, it has gone through some fairly
rigorous testing. However, every couple of days, the JSP 
white screens. I've spent some time looking into it, and
initially I thought there was something wrong with the JSP,
not being able to open database connections (our database wasn't
configured to allow a high number of connections), however, this
isn't the problem.

You mentioned in one of your emails that you were able to reproduce
the problem. Can you tell me how you did this, as we have had
difficulty reproducing it. We've tried pointing stress test tools
at the particular JSP to no effect.

We are running tomcat under Red hat linux 6.2 with JDK 1.3.
We use Apache, JServ and Tomcat. 

Any thoughts/help  on this would be appreciated. I'm going to
try modifying our max_threads settings and see if that gets us
anywhere, but info on reproducing this would be invaluable.



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