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From "eric chacon" <>
Subject Re: Code Q.
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 01:43:00 GMT

You're asking some straight-forward Java questions that might be better 
addressed in one of the news groups (, for example)--if you're 
not familiar with newsgroups check out (currently held hostage 
by google, but hopefully working soon).

In the code, you're defining a class called Hello which is a subclass (also 
called a child) of the HttpServlet class.  Extends is a Java keyword meaning 
that your class (Hello) inherits the functionality of the HttpServlet 
class--Object Oriented concepts like Inheritance would be thouroughly 
explained in a Java text book.

It looks like your doGet method is miss-copied (adding to your confusion).  
You are, in fact, defining a method--one that will eventually be called by 
the Tomcat server.

If you look closely at the book you're reading, you'll probably see that it 
actually takes HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse (not just 

Servlets are kind of complicated--you might find it easier to start with 
some more basic Java and work up to Tomcat and servlets.

Cheers, and good luck,

>From: "Purcell, Scott" Reply-To: To: 
>"''" Subject: Code Q. Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 
>16:21:51 -0500
>Hello, I am learning JSP and have done quite a few examples from the Core 
>Servlets and JSP book. I apologize for asking this q here, but I am trying 
>to learn Tomcat and put my whole picture together, and I figured that the 
>people on this line, would probably know what these lines mean. Anyway, I 
>keep typing these few lines but really don't have a grasp of what they are 
>doing. I would really like to understand in a 'Laymans' fashion what I am 
>doing and what these lines do. public class Hello extends HttpServlet { //I 
>am assuming that the class Hello, that I am creating // is extending 
>HttpServlet class? // but what does the extends really mean? public void 
>doGet(HttpServlet request, HttpServlet response) throws ServletException, 
>IOExcedption; // It looks like I am creating? or calling? a method here. 
>And am I passing it the HttpServlet class? I am very confused on this, and 
>would enjoy hearing from someone that wouldn't mind going over that with 
>me. Thanks very much, Sincerely Scott
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