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From "Samson, Lyndon [IT]" <>
Subject RE: XSLT vs. JSP
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 15:49:16 GMT
Well actually in the context of generating web applications, XSLT and JSP
are both competing.

IMHO, XSLT has the huge advantage of separating content and format, unlike

XSLT is also turing complete, I would think for many applications it would
be a much better 
solution than Perl/LineNoise :-)

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From: Rui M . Silva Seabra []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: XSLT vs. JSP

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 09:15:34AM -0600, Jason Izatt wrote:
> My upfront apologies for an off-topic posting.
> I'm looking for a good discussion forum on the XSLT vs. JSP argument. Can
> anyone point me to a good place?

I can't, but I also cannot see any argument between XSLT and JSP since they
do different things.

Anyway, XSLT can't beat a half decent perl programmer.

Hugs, rms

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