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From "Wei Luo" <>
Subject tomcat with ssl difficulty
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
environment: tomcat 3.2.1, window 2000

setup: installed jsse 1.02 (tested, ok), uncomment ssl connector in 
server.xml (keystore and password ok), generate key pairs and self-signed 

problem: try to do https put upload through cURL v7.7. tomcat start ok with 
port 8443 ready for direct ssl. however, security shakehand always failed 
with self-signed certicate generated either by java keytool or openssl. I 
tested with openssl s_client and it failed too.

1. does tomcat support self-signed certificate? if yes, how can i set it up 
2. i have a valid verisign certificate with iis 4.0, and i try to use it 
with tomcat. problem is: i don't know the format of iis key manager export 
(.key), and can not import it into keystore with java keytool. i also tried 
to convert it with openssl with pkcs7, pkcs12, etc. but fail once again. 
does anybody have some good suggestion?


-Wei Luo
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