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From Rinta-Korkeamäki Jari <>
Subject RE: OAS and jserv
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 05:35:29 GMT

We did that OAS-TOMCAT (3.2.1) integration a year ago, for similar
performance reasons, and results were just fine. It is not an officially
supported solution, of course. We didn't use Tomcat as standalone web
server, but installed Apache and configured tc to work with it. If I
remember it right, the only thing to do was to add OAS libraries to Tomcat
classpath and then integrate Tomcat with Apache. 

Few months ago we had to move on to 9iAS, and after short testing we decided
to integrate Tomcat with it as well (this time for compatibility reasons).
It was a lot harder job to do than with OAS, but it works now very well. One
of the biggest problems was to make Tomcat and jserv shipped with ias
coexist happily together (jserv is needed by Oracle Portal).


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From: Anne Dirkse []
Sent: 24. huhtikuuta 2001 21:42
Subject: Re: OAS and jserv

Peter -- 
Yes, you can integrate Tomcat with OAS (at least according to the
documentation I've read). I was not able to find any evidence that it
was supported, however. Given that, and the horrible performance we were
experiencing with OAS our project decided to give up on OAS altogether
(or until 9iAS looks like a reasonable option), so luckily I didn't have
to go down that path. I can dig up some documentation though, if it
would be helpful.

Peter Smith wrote:
> Can Oracle Application Server/Apache be integrated
> with Tomcat (presumably using mod_jk) instead of the
> JServ it ships with?  Anyone done it?
> I'm stuck using Oracle Application Server and I wish
> to deploy Java-based apps using Tomcat instead of the
> shipped JServ engine.  Someone has previously asked
> the list and I didn't see any reponses.  From reading
> bits and pieces I gather that it may be possible, but
> it might be hairy and it's probably not supported.
> I may have the option of upgrading to Oracle9iAS,
> which offers the new Oracle Enterprise Java Engine
> which looks like it does what Tomcat can.
> Comments?
> --Peter--
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