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From "Penberthy, Bill" <>
Subject RE: Solaris Performance Problem
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 19:06:58 GMT
Another issue that it may be is there is a noticeable difference in speed of
response between IE/Netscape and some of the thinner browsers you see on
other platforms.  Download Opera and try it - it is significantly faster in
opening.  If there is still a significant difference in response times I
would then check the routing and network configuration as Tim mentioned.

Bill Penberthy
Sr. Functional Architect

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From: Tim O'Neil []
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 12:34 PM
Subject: Re: Solaris Performance Problem

At 02:24 PM 4/20/2001 -0400, Douglas wrote:
>I have run into a strance performance problem with Tomcat that I am at a 
>loss to figure out.  In a nutshell, when I run Tomcat (version 3.2.1, 
>standalone) on a Solaris Sparc server and hit it with a Windows client, 
>the minimum response time is is abount 0.2 seconds.  This is for a simple 
>servlet that just returns some static data.  That may not sound like a lot 
>of time but if a client makes several requests to the server it can add up 
>fast.  If I run the server on a Linux PC that number is about 0.01 seconds 
>or less.  I also get good performce if I use a Linux client and hit the 
>Solaris server.

It would be real easy to simply blame Windows for
this but the actual problem is more likely something
to do with the networking set up of the Windows machines.
I haven't seen poor performance with regard to Windows
and http that's any more than with Unix boxes.

I'd look at any differences between the way the two
platforms are connected to your network. Are the
Windows machines dhcp clients, what does a tracert  or
a ping tell you, compare that to the output of a traceroute
on the solaris boxes, etc. You may find that the routing
of the Windows machines is different and will need to be

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