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From "Tassilo Pilati">
Subject AW: Tomcat with Apache/URLRewritting and mod_rewrite
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 16:58:30 GMT
I`m using mod_jk and apj13, however I tried apj12 as well but it should not
make a difference. Tomcat version is 3.2.1. You probably set the noCookies
parameter to false. Then session tracking is implemented using Cookies and
it probably will work. If you set it to false, then session tracking via URL
rewritting is used instead and you should run into the problem I have. Do
you have the string ";jsessionid=" in you urls, when you are using session
tracking ? You probably don`t...

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Betreff: Re: Tomcat with Apache/URLRewritting and mod_rewrite

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From: "Tassilo Pilati" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 1:27 PM
Subject: AW: Tomcat with Apache/URLRewritting and mod_rewrite

> But SSL has nothing to do with my problem. The problem I have is that when
> using Tomcat in standalone mode URL rewritting works, however, running
> Tomcat in combination with Apache does not, because Apache does not hand
> request over to Tomcat. I think is is stange that there is nothing
> about this in the tomcat user guide - section Setting Tomcat up with
> I think so many people are using Tomcat with Apache that it is really a
> important issue ?! I mean session tracking is fundamental and it should
> using URL rewritting. I guess many people use cookies for session tracking
> instead of URL rewritting. Probably with cookies it should work, so maybe
> that`s why this issue hasn`t really come to the attention to the tomcat
> developers ? What do you think ?
Just to clarify, are you using jserv or mod_jk? And if you are using mod_jk,
are you using the ajpv13 protocl for connection? I'm using mod_jk and
ajpv13, and am session tracking using the HttpSesession class and it works
fine, as does parameter passing. I don't know too much about URL reqritting


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