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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Servlet newsgroup discussion on news.groups
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 08:25:08 GMT

This message is being posted here (and to other places where servlets
are discussed) because there is a Request For Discussion (RFD) on
the news.groups Usenet newsgroup concerning the proposal of two new
Java newsgroups:

If you are not interested in Usenet or feel you wouldn't use the new
groups, please ignore this message and accept my apologies for wasting
your time.

If you wish to view the proposal and comment on it, however, I would
be very happy to hear your views. The subject line of the RFD is:
"2nd RFD: and" and
the article ID is: <>

Discussion of the RFD should be carried out on news.groups, but if
you don't wish to post there yourself I'd be happy to post on your
behalf if you wish to mail me at If your
news-server doesn't carry news.groups, a copy of the RFD has also
been posted on,,
and - or I'd be happy to mail you a copy. If
you wish to read news.groups on the web,
provides an updating archive of posts, although it's usually a
couple of days behind.

NOTE: Due to the large number of mailing lists and discussion boards
this message has been posted to, I won't be able to participate in
any discussion on the list/board itself. Furthermore, it would be
counter-productive to have several small discussions, one in each
area. Please use news.groups instead. I apologise if you feel this
request is poor netiquette - I'm usually a great fan of "read where
you write" myself, but I hope you'll see this as a slightly unusual

The feelings of the Java community are very important on this matter
- and when it comes to the vote, the new groups will only pass if
there is sufficient support. I'll post another message here when
the Call For Votes (CFV) takes place, so you don't need to read
news.groups in the meantime if you don't want to.

Thanks for reading,
Jon Skeet -

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