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From "CPC Livelink Admin" <>
Subject RE: static reference to a method
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 02:27:20 GMT

The problem is that you have not declared the method as static.  So you need
to either do this :

(new dynamicContent.dynamicContent()).getSelected("A", "B");

or declare the function as static String getSelected(string a, String b) and

dynamicContent.dynamicContent.getSelected("A", "B");

If the function is not declared static, then you have to have an object of
the class to call the function.

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From: teh j []
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 10:21 PM
Subject: static reference to a method

Hi there
I was wondering if anybody could help me out with

I have a JSP that is trying to access a method in a
java class that I have defined. However, when I try
and run the pgae, it gives the 500 error message and

"Can't make static reference to method
java.lang.String getSelected(java.lang.String,
java.lang.String) in class

I have not declared the method as static nor the

The method is part of an error handling page (called
retry.jsp) that is shown to the user when they have
entered data incorrectly in a form. Its function is to
preselect an option (by returing the word SELECTED) in
a HTML select box (the one that the user entered in
the first place) by comparing the value that was
entered by the user in the original input form to the
value of the select box options as they are created
(they are dynamically created, not HTML coded).

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