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From "Pedro Henrique Ponchio" <pe...@ASPATECH.COM.BR>
Subject RES: problem using
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 19:37:11 GMT
U need to compile your mod_jk. There is a rpm version too (
cat-mod-3.2.1-1.i386.rpm> ), but could be not fully compatible with your
system ...
Read the mod_jk how-to document, could help you (
ml> ). 

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Xiaofeng Chen []
Enviada em: Thursday, April 19, 2001 4:27 PM
Assunto: problem using

I have started my tomcat-3.2.1 and configured the Apache to use tomcat.
have problem to start Apache. When I started Apache, the following error

Syntax error on line 8 of
API module structure `jk_module' in file /etc/httpd/libexec/ is
garbled - perhap
s this is not an Apache module DSO?
I didn't edit mod_jk.conf-auto. I believe it was generated automatically
after tomcat was 
started. the libexec directory is created by myself since in the
document of Working with mod_jk,
it says that you need copy the to libexec, but I don't have a
libexec directory in 
/etc/httpd directory, where /etc/httpd/conf directory is.
Any clue? Appreciate your help.
Xiaofeng Chen
Software Development Engineer/Analyst
Interactive Media Group, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
1800 N. 33rd, Lincoln, NE68583
(402) - 472-9333, ext. 569(voice); (402) - 472-3815(fax) <> ,

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