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From "Matt Pease" <>
Subject RE: absolute pathing from context?
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 15:22:57 GMT
> If you're talking about getting that directory from HTML (e.g.,
> to embed an
> image in your page), I'd suggest just referencing it directly, like,
>     <img src="/images/guernica.gif" />
> This lets you alias it in your webserver, to put the images directory
> anywhere you like.
> If you're trying to find it in your Java code, try
> ServletContext.getRealPath().
>                                                             -- Bill K.

I'm probably missing something...  but how can a .war file use absolute
pathing without reconfiguring the webserver?  I thought the great
idea behind the .war format is that it doesn't require any reconfiguring.

according to

one should only drop the .war file into /webapps & run.

But what if the .war developer used absolute pathing && assumed it was
in the root directory.

I'm guessing that to develop a .war...  all pathing must be relative?

Thanks -

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