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From William Kaufman <>
Subject RE: General Architecture
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 18:03:32 GMT
As long as you're submitting your form via POST (not GET), you should be
able to transfer as much data as they can type.  The only problem is, they
can only type as much as the browser lets them.  Most browsers just use the
normal, native editor; on Windows, that's an editor limited to (I think)

The only solutions I know of involve not using an HTML text/textarea:

1) Use a file input.  Let the users type the data into their favorite editor
and upload the resulting file.

2) Write your own editor (e.g., a Java applet or a browser plug-in) and move
the data up to the server using your own transport.

                                                            -- Bill K.

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> Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 1:17 AM
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> Subject: General Architecture
> Hello,
> I am running into an issue with my general architecture.  I use Tomcat
> as my middle-tier.  The java code will spit out my HTML form in the
> browser.  No problems there. The problem comes in using the HTML
> textarea fields.  There is a limit to how much a user can 
> enter in these
> fields.  Our client wants the browser front-end and has asked for
> several fields where the user can enter alot of data (e.g. a history
> field).  They have already bumped up against this text limit and are
> asking for a solution.  I have to believe others have bumped up with
> this issue before.  I am just wondering if anyone else has 
> come up with
> a solution to this HTML limitation while still using the browser (e.g.
> not switching to a VB, Java front end).
> I know this is not specifically a Tomcat issue and I apologize, but if
> anyone has run into this issue and have tried to solve it I would
> greatly appreciate your insight (good or bad).
> Thanks,
> Peter Len

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