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From Tim O'Neil <>
Subject RE: binary needed for on Solaris 2.7
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 20:10:26 GMT
At 03:20 PM 4/12/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>thank for the reply tim.
>1. I do have have gcc but when i try to run the configure file for jserv, i
>get the following log:
># ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache
>loading cache ./config.cache
>Configuring ApacheJServ/1.1.2
>checking for a BSD compatible install... src/scripts/build/unix/install-sh
>checking whether build environment is sane... yes
>checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... ./configure: make: not found
>checking for working aclocal... missing
>checking for working autoconf... missing
>checking for working automake... missing
>checking for working autoheader... missing
>checking for working makeinfo... missing
>checking host system type... sparc-sun-solaris2.6
>checking build system type... sparc-sun-solaris2.6
>checking for ranlib... :
>checking for gcc... gcc
>checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works... no
>configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot
>create executables.

You didn't install the full gcc dev suite; you didn't install
aclocal, autoconf, automake, makeinfo, etc. You're also probably
using sun's make instead of gmake, and I suspect your linker is
busted, ld_lib_path not set, etc.

>2. gcc is very much in my path and "gcc -v" returns the following:
>Reading specs from
>gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)
>Can there be some installtion problems with the gcc compiler. I had
>downloaded a binary from the gnu site.
>I am not a C guy and dunno how to debug C compiler issues.

You don't have to be. Install your dev tools from
and you won't have these problems.

>3. Further as i belive from the documentation, i'll need perl on the machine
>for running "apxs". Gosh! Cant i just get a binary for for my
>It is available for Intel and Win32 platforms on the apache site. Is there
>any URL for the Solaris 2.7  one????

You're better served by being able to build these things your self
unless you can find some one who is willing to build these things
for you. The problem is there are a lot of platforms, not everyone
needs every stinking tool for every cruddy little platform.

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