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From Tim O'Neil <>
Subject Re: AW: Two Depressed Questions
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:28:22 GMT
That reminds me. I seem to recall reading in the
Apache docs that if you are doing any virtual hosting
you should do away with the default host and make all
your hosts (including what was the default) virtual.
Mr. Busse' comments would seem to validate that.

At 04:52 PM 4/12/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Maybe I can help you with the second question at least:
>I removed the default host and put several virtual hosts in
>my server.xml and some of them contain the same path "/". It
>works just beautifully. Maybe you throw out the default host
>like I did. If tomcat works like apache, it will use the
>first virtual host as default host anyway. Maybe there is
>also a problem using an empty "" path.
> > 2.  I set up two virtual hosts in server.xml in addition
> >     to the default host, which I left as-shipped.  They
> >     each contain a context with a path = "".  When I access
> >     '' I get the correct results.  When
> >     I access '' I get a 503 error.
> >     Eliminating either entry allows the other to work.
> >     It appears to be a "Clash of the Contexts", where
> >     two contexts cannot have the same name, regardless of
> >     the host in which they are nexted.  The following log
> >     error suggests something in this area too:
> >     2001-04-05 05:33:37 StandardContext[]: Error initializing
> >     naming context for context
> >     2001-04-05 05:33:37 StandardContext[]: Context startup
> >     failed due to previous errors

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