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From Nick Christopher <>
Subject Re: Do I smell?
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 19:05:56 GMT
Sorry, but you smell.

And I use mod_jk not jserv_mod...

Mark Diggory wrote:

> Or is it just that no one else is interested in integrating Tomcat and Apache?!
> I have servlet mappings in my web.xml file that map URI's to servlets.
> These URI's may contain files with jsp extent ions on them. when I
> integrate Tomcat 3.2.1 with Apache I can see any of my jsp's and servlets
> and have them execute. However, it appears that the mappings I supplied in
> web.xml are gone. Here's an example
> in stand alone Tomcat:
> http://host:8080/VDC/Component  gets sent to maps to my  /VDC/servlets/Dispatch
> and
> http://host:8080/VDC/Component/main.jsp also maps to /VDC/servlets/Dispatch
> this is because my web.xml looks like this:
> <servlet-name>Dispatch</servlet-name>
>      <servlet-class>vdc.uis.Dispatch</servlet-class>
>      <load-on-startup>4</load-on-startup>
>    </servlet>
>    <servlet-mapping>
>      <servlet-name>Dispatch</servlet-name>
>      <url-pattern>/Component/*</url-pattern>
>    </servlet-mapping>
> Dispatch is responsible for doing some work and the forwarding the request
> to /VDC/Component/main.jsp. This works great in standalone tomcat. However
> when I try to use Apache to
> access  http://host/VDC/Component/main.jsp  instead of going to Dispatch it
> goes directly to the jsp file. This appears to be because the mappings
> outlined in web.xml seem to be ignored.
> Is it true that web.xml is not used by Apache/jserv_mod?
> if so, how can I write a an entry in the apache-tomcat.conf that will
> accomplish this same mapping?
> thanks,
> Mark

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