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From Steve Brunton <>
Subject Re: solaris exception
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 16:04:17 GMT
a) what I'm about to say isn't meant to start an OS/WebServer flame war.
I'm just telling it like I've seen it in our environment.
b) Nothing I say is what CNN Internet Technologies, AOL Time Warner or
any other part of this giant Mega Media Corporation that I work for
thinks. It's just me talking about what I've seen in our environment and
from experience mucking with very large high volume websites. I don't
even really like AOL anyway and think they are bozos.

johnd wrote:
> I've been told, 'see I told you not to run solaris on x86...'.
> Do you think if I moved this to a sparc box with solaris 8, the problem
> would still exist?

  Depending really on where it's coming from. All versions of Solaris 8
(SPARC or Intel) have had serious TCP/IP stack issues from the get go.
We are still primarily running Solaris 7 for anything that's going to
see alot of high network traffic. We've just recently deployed a 280R
with the latest Solaris 8 for SPARC and it seems to be better. The
performance of the hardware wasn't as good as we though, but that's
another story.
  If you are going to switch to Solaris on SPARC I would suggest Solaris
7 over Solaris 8, it's probably still a little better. Give Sun another
6 months to work out some more kinks in Solaris 8. The other thing is
that if you are going to Solaris on SPARC and you don't need any of the
other Apache'isms of mod_perl or custom written modules I'd run iPlanet
4.1 as the webserver.
  Now, on the x86 side Solaris 8 is sooooooo much better than Solaris 7
on Intel. Even with the networking issues. There are ways to fix the
networking problems, but it's serious hardcore guts tuning in the

> I'm basically trying solaris x86 to get a feel for solaris.  If I like
> solaris I'll move to sparcs...I was told don't evaluate solaris on x86, it
> is not the same.

  It's not really that much different. The hardware devices are
different of course, but the overall structure is pretty much the same.

> I'm trying to determine which OS to marry...I know linux inside and out and
> have a lot of documentaion available on it...I feel there are more resource
> on the web to support linux knowledge.

  I'm installing this stuff (Apache and Tomcat) onto Solaris x86 because
the site already bought the Intel hardware and dosen't want to spend
more money on SPARC hardware. We've had many many many issues with Linux
and finally decided that it wasn't a viable option as an OS in our
Production environment and are trashing it and installing Solaris x86.
So far the performance is better than Linux and the networking (even
with the Solaris 8 issues) is much better than Linux. Now of course we
are primarily a Sun shop so we know how to tune Solaris machines, but we
did give Linux a good try and decided to scrap it for Solaris x86. So
far for us it's been a good decision and made life alot easier and the
site runs more stable and better than when it was on Linux.

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