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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: Boycott China - please read - your life may depend on it
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:27:14 GMT
Ha ha ha, that's funny.

You US guys are so obsessed with military potential, everyone is willing
to invade you :)

And, to the pseudo-fascist guy who wrote in the first place, remember
this is not an US-only list discussing mortgages in Pennsylvannia, it's
an international list that deals with Tomcat usage. Please show your
narrow-mindedness someplace else.

To the rest of you, sorry for this rant :)

Un saludo,


David Patton wrote:
> Rick:
> Not sure who you are, or how yu got my email address, or why you sent me
> this, but frankly I think what you are proposing is incredibly stupid and
> shortsighted.  Do you realize that approximately 60% or so of the goods sold
> in this country are made in China.  Not to mention that China is the largest
> holder of US Treasury Bonds.  What does this mean?  It means we are
> economically  interdependent on CHina and that waging any sort of economic
> warfare such as a boycott of theoir goods, will only hurt the United States
> in the long run.  As for our trade deficit with China, I submit that is due
> primarily to our own economic policy blunders.  As for the other points:
> Who cares if Russia is selling equipment to China, Those torpedos (Aircraft
> Carrier Killers) which you so alarmingly called attention to have been
> around for years.  They are wake homing torpedoes, and you are right we have
> no defense against them.  BUt we have the same thing.  Lets also not forget
> that having a torpedo doesnt do much good if you cant get close enough to
> launch it, and Chinese submarines are noisy and easy to track.  Yes Chinese
> military doctrine calls for a military confrontation with the US within 20
> to 30 years.  So what?  At least we know about it.  If I were you I would be
> more concerned with an internal revolution inside China destabilizing the
> government, and causing a civil war.  That is more of a threat than China
> itself.  So in short what I am trying to say is please do not bother me with
> alarmist uninformed right wing rhetoric.  Thank you and have a nice day.

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