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From Jason <>
Subject Install Tomcat in Linux VS Solaris Intel question
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 05:43:12 GMT
Hi everyone,

    I installed two Tomcat.  The first Tomcat/Apache/mod_jk is on Redhat
6.2 and the second is on Solaris 2.7 Intel.  In Solaris Intel, I
installed a lot of things before installing tomcat.  For example, I had
to install ant(like Make) in order to build tomcat from source.  In
Redhat, I just use the binary distribution of tomcat and it is very
convenient to install.

    My question is: do I need to follow the same step in order to
install Tomcat in Solaris Intel again .... if I just want to use it
instead of develop it?  Very likely I still need to install MM shared
memory library in Solaris/Intel box even I use the binary distribulation
of Tomcat.  However, I especially don't want to go through installing
ant again. = )   Perhaps I am still not getting used to this new "make"
tool.  Is the binary distribution of Tomcat like a "Java" program?



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