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From Brian Elliott <>
Subject Re: apache vhost->mod_jk->servlet container & ResourceBundle problem
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:44:36 GMT
Thanks to Jeff Kilbride for his post! I ended up using his suggestions
posted earlier on virtual hosting and it works well. It seems like a
better solution from a security standpoint. But I am just so glad to get
something that works after struggling with it for a week. 

Also on the ResourceBundle / locale problem I posted earlier: I hadn't
really looked at the code in to realize it was
trying to do an I18L HelloWorld. So I just removed the ResourceBundle
code for now to get me going - which is fine.

Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott wrote:
> Brendon,
> I am having problems establishing the same configuration that you are
> trying to do:
> /home/
> /home/
> And accessing the jsps for each domain from the document root or below.
> This way all the servlets and jsps are under the domain's doc root.
> Being pretty green in tomcat installation (and yet to get it working for
> an embedded configuration), I am not sure if this will work but hoping
> it will.
> Jeff Kilbride suggests a configuration:
> >
> >      access to DocumentRoot in httpd.conf
> >
> >      access to the docBase in server.xml
> >      ability to run JSP files in the docBase directory
> >
> >      access to servlets/JSP in your WEB-INF/classes directory
> >      ability to run servlets/JSP from WEB-INF/classes
> But I would like the config I mentioned earlier if it can work.
> When I try to follow the same basic configuration you have, I get
> "Internal Server Error" via a browser request and the mod_jk.log says:
> [jk_ajp13_worker.c (203)]: connection_tcp_get_message: Error -
> jk_tcp_socket_rec
> vfull failed
> [jk_ajp13_worker.c (619)]: Error reading request

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