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From David Crooke <>
Subject Re: Tomcat3.2+Redhat 7.0+glibc-2.x.x+jdk1.x == stable??
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2001 16:57:42 GMT
The glibc that RH7 shipped with was beta and very broken - you need to apply their patch set.
Red Hat rushed their 7.0 release, breaking their
convention (major version = new Linux kernel) and a lot of stuff besides. Most of the new
stuff in it is GUI related, and as such you may be
better sticking with 6.2 for server use.

Depending on what your code does, you may get better performance from a green threads VM -
with 1.3 these are starting to go away; you can still
get green threads with the Sun JDK using --classic but I believe it hobbles HotSpot. We still
run 1.2.2 in production and are evaluating the 1.3
VM's for stability.

Like most open source projects, Apache stuff comes from a Unix heritage, and while you can
shoehorn it onto Windows, you will have a much easier
life if you stick with Linux. Just check this newsgroup - 90% of the traffic is "I can't get
x, y or z to work on NT"

Chris Price wrote:

>         Hi;
>         I know its kind of an open ended question, but I would like some input
> (factual or anecdotal) on other peoples success in running various
> combinations of glibc + jdk + kernel (does kernel mattrer much?).
>         I am currently running the Sun JDK 1.3.0 with glibc-2.1.92 and kernel
> 2.2.16-22 on a *very* stock RH 7.0. This combination is proving itself
> to be quite unstable, with the Tomcat http listener and/or servlet
> engine dying under moderate loads (less than 4,000 hits roughly over 8
> hours).
>         The glibc + kernel are stock RH7.0 pieces, and while I am sure I can
> probably gain some stability by upgrading to newer ones, I would like to
> know if there is a "optimal" (used loosely) combination that exists.
>         I am inheriting this setup from an Admin that thought that Linux
> 'sucked' and that we should move to NT. The previous admin didn't know
> how to use rpm, compile a kernel, or have a clue as to what glibc is.
> Needless to say, I can probably add some value and squeeze some better
> performance from our Tomcat app servers.
>         Cheers
>         Chris Price

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