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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject mod_webapp (Tomcat 4.0 b2, b3): compilation quick fix
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2001 02:40:57 GMT
I've posted to this list a few days ago a message related to the
compilation problems of mod_webapp. It seems that the versions that come
with b2 and b3 of Tomcat 4.0 are screwed (even after cleaning double new
lines in Makefiles). I didn't have the patience to go through the code
to determine why (a lame way of saying that I don't have a clue what's
in there ;-)

The quick fix in order to get it to *compile* is to revert to b1
release. And just as an FYI, it can also be compiled and statically
linked into Apache. Just whack mod_webapp.c into webapplib directory,
put mod_webapp.o into the OBJS in the Makefile for webapplib. This will
place the object file into libwebapp.a after compilation. Then create a
directory under src/modules (Apache source) for it and copy the library
(libwebapp.a) there. Create Makefile.tmpl, for instance:


all: ${LIB}

        ${RANLIB} $@


libwebapp.module file, for instance:

Name: webapp_module
        LIBS="-Lmodules/webapp -L../modules/webapp
-L../../modules/webapp -lwebapp -ldl $LIBS"

run configure (activate the module) and it should get into Apache after
you run make.

Back to testing its functionality now...


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