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From Scott Tatum <>
Subject Re: Which workers am I using?
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 20:39:47 GMT
In order to get Apache to use ajp13, you have to use your own config
files. The auto files always use ajp12. You'll need to change so that your workers  have a type of ajp13. I don't
think it matters what your workers are called, though most people have
the protocol as part of the worker name. It's possible that your worker
could have a name with ajp12 in it, even though its type is ajp13 and it
might make deceiving log entries that way.

Scott Tatum |
Senior Applications Developer, Special Projects
WorldCom |

Peter Smith wrote:

> I can see the ajp12 and 13 worker threads being
> instantiated (via log messages in the console) when I
> crank up Tomcat, but how do I know if the 13's are
> being used at all?  All my auto-generated files
> continue to point to 'ajp12' workers, even after I've
> changed almost every reference I can find in any
> properties file I can find.  Does it even matter
> what's in these 'auto' files?  I'm not even sure it
> matters which worker(s) I'm using, but the docs said
> it did.
> I've pointed Apache/Tomcat to look at a customized
> version of the 'mod_jk-auto' file with most/all
> 'ajp12' references changed to 'ajp13'.  Is this even
> necessary?  What else might I need to do?
> Thank you!
> --Peter--
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