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From "Felix A. Milovanov" <>
Subject 404 handler in Tomcat.
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 18:57:01 GMT
  Hello all,

  I'm a new user in this mail-list, and I appologize if this question was 
already discussed in this list.

  I've a Tomcat working with Apache. I've configured Apache to handle 404 error
by /404.jsp :

	ErrorDocument 404 /404.jsp

  When I try to access non-existed resource ( like /foo.html ), this handler
works excellent. But when I try to access non-exised servlet ( something like
/servlet/foo )... I got a "404 Not found" message from Tomcat. And it looks
dramatically different from Apache's one :))

  How should I configure Tomcat to use Apache's error handler? 

  Sincerely yours,

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