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Subject Re: Compileproblem with Jakarta 4.0b3
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 20:31:49 GMT
Hi Erik,

* Erik Hellman <> [010427 22:20]:

> Now I get this compile error when running './ dist'
 Is there any special reason to pass "dist" as a parameter? I did
./ only.

> Any idea what's wrong? I use the jakarta-servletapi-4.0.
 Are you sure? I mean maybe an other servlet.jar or an unpacked version
is in your $CLASSPATH , before the correct one. Check that first, and
move it out of the way somehow. Also, may set the SERVLETAPI_HOME
variable, ommitting the lib directory at the end afair. So if it is
located under /usr/local/lib, then set as /usr/local . Last chance:
unset it, and use the one supplied for Cataline (if I can remember,
there is one).

Hope it helps, Laszlo

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