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Subject Re: Maybe rights problem, exception thrown by Catalina core
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 17:33:15 GMT
* Sam Newman <> [010424 19:21]:
> I'm guessing its a catalina specific error as I've not seen a tomcat error
> like that before except in my code. Have you looked at the sourcecode?
 Sure, I am stupid. It is Tomcat/Caterina 4.0b3. The source looks
simple (I do not understand it though):

// Instantiate a new instance of this filter and return it
Class clazz = classLoader.loadClass(filterClass);
this.filter = (Filter) clazz.newInstance(); // This lines throw the error
return (this.filter);

this.filter is defined for a private Filter, which is a
javax.servlet.Filter . filterClass is defined as:
// Identify the class loader we will be using
String filterClass = filterDef.getFilterClass();


Maybe I will go and do some basic debugging.

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