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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [tc3.3] configuring logging
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2001 09:15:27 GMT

I have a few questions about Tomcat3.3 server.xml configuration, and
logging in particular. 

First, is there *any* documentation of the various server.xml tags? A
DTD perhaps? One of the nicest things about tc4.0 is how clean and
obvious server.xml has become. By contrast, 3.3 is a mess, littered with
references to Interceptors, and odd tags like: <SessionExpirer
checkInterval="60" />.

Second, is there any magic tag that will let me log stderr and stdout to
a file?

Third (and this may be a bug), what happens to log() messages within
JSPs? If I have a JSP:

<% log("This is logged with log()"); %>

and run it, the output doesn't appear in logs/*, or on stdout/stderr..
is it being lost?



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