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From Sunil Chandurkar <>
Subject Exception: I don't understand
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2001 09:10:52 GMT
Hello All:

I am getting following exception on calling servlet from applet.

2001-04-21 03:11:13 - Ctx( ): IOException in: R( +/MyFolder/Mytest.class+ null) Connection
reset by peer: socket write error.

When first time i visit local site at that time its not giving an exception but when i visit
it second time at that time only i am getting this exception. The best part is it doesn't
affect funtionality of my applet as well as servlet. 

I am sure this is an exception from web server not from servlet. Because  I have written all
try-catch blocks in my servlet code at appropriate places.
There is one Folder "MyFolder" in ROOT directory and HTML file calling my applet is placed
at ROOT.

First of tell me wht this error me and when generally this occur.

thanx in advance...


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